2019 Art Exhibits

Glamour Girl by Bonnie A. Ruben

Visit Good Ground Artists exhibiting at

Saturday/Sunday | October 4 & 5

Saturday/Sunday | October 12 & 13


Water Mill Museum, 41 Old Mill Rd, Water Mill

July 5-21, 2019

Water Mill Museum, 41 Old Mill Rd, Water Mill

Artists Reception Saturday, July 6 at 4-7pm

March 29 - May 1, 2019

Clovis Point Winery, Main Rd, Jamesport

Artists Reception Saturday, April 27 at 1-4pm

January 1-31, 2019

Good Ground Artists at Mattituck-Laurel Library

Artists Reception Saturday, January 5 at 2-4pm

February 1-28, 2019

Good Ground Artists at Hampton Bays Library

Artists Reception Sunday, February 9 at 1:30-4:30pm 


Past Art Shows:

  • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church | HB
    Farmers Market 2018 | Saturdays
    June | Artists Day, July
    Labor Day Weekend, September
  • LI Islip MacArthur Airport
    East Meets West | August-September 2018
  • Water Mill Museum | Water Mill
    Art at the Museum | July 2018
  • Hampton Bays Public Library | HB
    Local Landscapes | Nov 12017
  • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church | HB
    Fall Festival | Oct 2017
  • Water Mill Museum | Water Mill
    GGA Collaborations | June - July 2017
  • Clovis Point Winery | Jamesport
  • Mar - Apr 2017
  • Hampton Bays Public Library | HB
  • Apr 2017

Artists Brushes

Artists from South & North Forks

Good Ground Artists is composed mainly of artists who live in Hampton Bays, the success of the group has expanded to include artists from both the North and South Forks and surrounding areas. 

The group has over 40 artists. And we have been showing extensively throughout both forks. 

Olden Day Clamming

Hampton Bays, originally known as Good Ground has a rich history of the arts.

Mission Statement

Good Ground Artists is a group of artists and 

art-minded people dedicated to raising awareness and education of the art history and the arts in Hampton Bays (Good Ground). Hampton Bays (Good Ground) has a long rich history of the arts which extends beyond the boundaries of the hamlet.


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Good Ground Artists

Co-Founders: Kathy Odell-Hamilton & Mike Meehan